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Whisky Crawl TO


A few weeks back, myself and Michelle Pinchev of City By Heart, celebrated Hump Day by hosting Toronto’s inaugral Whisky Crawl, bringing together whisky aficionados Matt Jones, Mark Bylok, Jamie Johnson and lifestyle blogger, Caleigh Alleyne to learn, drink and enjoy whisky.

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Are Mothers to Blame for The Gender Gap?

My sister is a mother to three beautiful daughters and a passionate educator in the Peel District School Board. Coming from a family of three girls, she often compares how we were raised versus how she is raising her daughters. Us three sisters were constantly compared to eachother, where one was too outspoken, one was […]

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What Lilly Ghalichi’s Bare Faced Transformation Meant for Millions of Girls Worldwide

lilly ghalichi no make up

Glam Queen-Lashes Goddess-Anything but Basic, Lilly Ghalichi posted a video yesterday on Instagram to promote her online tutorial session with Samer Khouzami. He’s a world renowned make up artist who works magic on women, putting out the most dramatic before and afters of ALL on Instagram. Unlike most of her au naturale pictures where the […]

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I’m Happily Married and Hate Valentine’s Day

In my early teens, when I would dream about how magical my first kiss would be (it’s ALWAYS awkward!) and how I’d fall in love with the one and we’d live happily ever after, days leading up to Valentine’s Day would be secretly wishing you’d get roses, chocolates or even a candy gram from a secret […]

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How 2014 Challenged Beauty Stereotypes: A Recap

It all started when Dove released a shortfilm called Evolution in 2006 to expose the unrealistic expectations of beauty perpetuated in media all around us – they took an everyday woman, did her hair, make up and photoshopped her, showing us that what we see in media is not reality. 2014 was a significant year […]

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Studio Sessions with BeautyCubed


I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot over the holidays working with some very talented people. The vision for the shoot was to portray the essence of my blog – Beauty, Brains & Bourbon – where you can be pretty, witty and smart all at the same time.  If you’re wondering…why bourbon? Well what better than […]

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There’s No Place for Shadism in Toronto

This past weekend, a number of news sources reported that “Skin Brightening & Lightening” ads were removed from the TTC subway trains after several complaints.  As stated on the company’s website, the company voluntary removed the controversial ad stating that it wasn’t meant to offend anyone.

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Selfie Culture Increasing Demand for Plastic Surgery

There was a recent study released in March this year suggesting that the rise of the selfie culture is increasing the demand for plastic surgery.  According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), 1 in 3 plastic surgeons surveyed saw an increase in requests as a result of people being more […]

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How Feminism is Ruining The Dating Game

As women are being seen more and more as equals, I fear that we’re also running away from the characteristics that make the female kind so powerful. A strong working woman no longer needs a man to live the lifestyle she desires.  Women now have this view that a man should come correct.  Doesn’t he […]

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Photoshop is Evil

Recently, alleged before pictures of Kim Kardashian’s “Break the Internet” cover photo went viral. Untouched vs. Retouched images below.  You can click on the image to see a bigger picture: We all know that the retouched version is definitely photshopped, however I highly doubt that the untouched version is real as well.

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