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The Best Gift I’ve Ever Given My Nieces

I have three beautiful nieces. The eldest Amiya is 9, then there’s Ayanna, age 5 and the youngest Aileen, whose 16 months. My sisters and I had very humble beginnings and I strongly believe that our drive, ambition and appreciation of our blessings is attributed to that. My nieces are the first children from both […]

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Infuse Med Spa Giveaway

infuse med spa

Infuse Med Spa has graciously donated a $100 gift certificate for the third BeautyGiveBack giveaway! Nestled in Toronto’s prestigious Yorkville, Infuse Med Spa brings you the latest innovations in beauty solutions. Their medical spa menu services include pain free laser hair removal, skin tightening treatments, anti aging photo facials, medical grade facials, hydrafacials, acne light […]

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Sweet Leilani Cosmetics Giveaway

For the second installment of the BeautyGiveBack campaign this year, I’m giving away a goodie bag from Sweet Leilani Cosmetics valued at $145 CAD! Sweet Leilani Cosmetics is a cosmetics brand based out of Vancouver, Canada. All their products are Canadian made, made of all natural ingredients and crueltry free. The line contains natural ingredients with […]

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Vega Giveaway!!!

To kick off the second annual BeautyGiveBack campaign, Vega has graciously donated a bunch of Vega goodies. In fact, they were so generous, that I decided to split it into two giveaways – one on Instagram and one on Twitter!!!

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I’m happy to bring you the second annual BeautyGiveBack campaign! Once again, I’ve teamed up with some of my favourite brands and vendors to bring you a series of giveaways during the month of December. During this campaign, I want my readers to take a moment and think about how they can give back this holiday […]

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Why a 50/50 Male:Female Cabinet Doesn’t Mean Equality

Justin Trudeau's Cabinet

On November 4th, 2015, Justin Trudeau was officially sworn in as Prime Minster of Canada and announced his cabinet. The cabinet is diverse as the nation, including aboriginals, minorities and gender neutral – comprised of 15 males and 15 females. This 50/50 ratio signifies to many, gender equality, and when asked about his gender neutral […]

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Whisky Crawl TO


A few weeks back, myself and Michelle Pinchev of City By Heart, celebrated Hump Day by hosting Toronto’s inaugral Whisky Crawl, bringing together whisky aficionados Matt Jones, Mark Bylok, Jamie Johnson and lifestyle blogger, Caleigh Alleyne to learn, drink and enjoy whisky.

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Are Mothers to Blame for The Gender Gap?

My sister is a mother to three beautiful daughters and a passionate educator in the Peel District School Board. Coming from a family of three girls, she often compares how we were raised versus how she is raising her daughters. Us three sisters were constantly compared to eachother, where one was too outspoken, one was […]

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Bourbon Sessions with BeautyCubed – Career Impediments of Motherhood

I sit down with Jedannah Vieira to talk about career impediments of motherhood. Does being pregnant reduce the chances of being hired when interviewing? Does it impact women who want to move ahead in their career? Join the conversation, like, subscribe and comment.

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Bourbon Sessions with BeautyCubed – Sugar Babies

I have a discussion with my guest, Rohini Chaba about the Sugar Babies/Sugar Daddies phenomenon over a glass of bourbon. I share some of the messages received from Sugar Daddies and some sample profiles of Sugar Babies.

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