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Make Up & Hair By Seher Studio

Seher Studio Review

I first met Seher Sultan, lead make up artist for Seher Studio Inc nearly 5 years ago for my bridal make up trial. I then went on to hire her to do my E-shoot and bridal make up. She’s now one of my go-to make up artists for party make up. I absolutely love her work. […]

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Eyeliner in Review

best liquid eyeliner

I’m a huge liquid eyeliner junkie and have tried numerous brands and styles. When I have time, I prefer to use cake eyeliner. The cake eyeliner method however requires patience as you need to open the cake eyeliner, reach for your brush, clean your brush to get the goop off from the previous application and really spend […]

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Glam By BeauteeInc

BeauteeInc Make Up Reviews

I’ve known Tina Sharma, lead make up artist for BeauteeInc for nearly 10 years now. I remember running into her at parties and her make up was always on point. So when she told me that she was going to try a hand at make up artistry, I knew she’d be great at it. She’s always […]

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BeautyCubed’s Glam Guide

With the surge of beauty bloggers and international make up artists inspiring us on social media, getting your make up done is no longer reserved for red carpet events. People are now finding any excuse to get glam, because life is too short to be basic. Be it a wedding, a Christmas party or a birthday, […]

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The Kavita Suri Experience

Kavita Suri Make Up Review

Kavita Suri is one of the pioneers in South Asian bridal make up, fusing eastern traditions with western trends in beauty. In fact, she did my sister’s make up for her wedding over 10 years ago and has gone on to open up her own medical wellness spa (in the heart of Yorkville, Toronto), a beauty […]

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5 Make Up Products I Can’t Live Without

The cosmetic industry is a vast and endless abyss leaving you clueless about which product to buy. If you go into Sephora, aside from the over whelming selection, each customer services representative will have their own favourite. So how do you know what to buy? I’ve tried so many products and I have the VIB Rouge […]

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The Guide to Perfect Eyebrows

As eyebrow guru Anastasia Soare will tell you, brows frame the face and make a world of a difference in how a woman looks. In fact, when Beyoncé was transitioning from girl group to her alter-ego Sasha Fierce (now Queen Bey), she relied on Damone Roberts, the King of Eyebrows to transform her brows. Damone […]

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Common Eye Make Up Mistakes

Eye make up can really transform a person’s overall look. However, that doesn’t mean just applying eye make up for the sake of applying it. I’ve seen many girls wear eye make up the wrong way where it’s actually taking away from their features rather than enhancing it. Are you making some of the common […]

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Sweet Leilani Cosmetics Review

Sweet Leilani Cosmetics

As a woman with acne prone skin, I prefer to wear make up daily, but don’t want to further aggravate my acne by wearing it daily – damned if you do, damned if you don’t! There’s make up out there that has acne fighting ingredients, so it’s supposedly helping clear up your acne while covering it. Then […]

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Motives Make Up Party

Motives Make Up Party

I recently hosted a Motives Make Up Party for family and friends. It was a lovely afternoon with hors d’oeuvres, champagne, old fashioneds (of course!) and an opportunity to get make up tips and play around with make up. It was an interactive and fun learning experience.

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