Skin Care Essentials


Within my daunting 12-15 step Korean Skin Care Regime, there are steps that are absolutely essential that everyone should be doing. With all the products out there, you’re left wondering – What should I buy? What should I use? Is this step a waste of money? That’s why I’ve compiled a basic skin care routine to help guide you on what you should be doing daily for your skin in chronological order with suggested recommended age groups.

1 – Wash (Twice Daily)

You should be washing your face twice a day – morning and night. When washing, do so in gentle circular motions. You don’t want to scrub too hard as it will irritate your skin. Despite being acne prone, I prefer gentle facial cleansers over the harsh ones with salicylic acid in it. I find that the latter is too drying and causes your face to produce more oils, leading to further break outs.

Recommended Age Group: 13+

2 – Exfoliate (Once Weekly)

Exfoliation is only required once a week, as you don’t want to over exfoliate your skin. You want to exfoliate to shed dead skin cells and unclog pores, leaving your skin smoother and softer. Again, I recommend a gentle exfoliant, unlike St Vves Apricot Scrub that has very harsh beads that over exfoliate the skin.

Recommended Age Group: 16+

3 – Tone (Twice Daily)

This step is necessary to restore the PH balance in your skin, so that your skin doesn’t dry out or get too oily, depending on your skin type. Again, I prefer a gentle toner, rather than the really astringent ones geared towards acne prone skin. You don’t need to spend a lot on a toner, but including one in your routine is necessary.

Recommended Age Group: 13+

4 – Eye Cream (Twice Daily)

I can’t stress the importance of eye cream enough. You can get away with it in your younger years, but once you hit 25, do invest in some kind of eye cream. As you age, you may need to get more expensive ones, but in your earlier years, something by Clinique should do. A previous post with some of my recommendations here.

Recommended Age Group: 25+

5 – Serum

This is important for anti aging purposes. Serums have concentrated anti aging ingredients and a less viscous consistency than their moisturizer counterpart. As a result, it allows for the anti aging ingredients to better absorb into the skin. Depending on your age and skin concerns, the type of serum will vary.

Recommended Age Group: 30+

6 – Moisturize (Twice Daily)

Moisturizing performs the hydration function of your skin care. It is important to keep your skin properly hydrated as dehydrated skin can cause acne and premature aging.

It’s important however to make a distinction between day and night cream. For anyone over 30, they should invest in a separate night cream with additional anti aging properties.

Recommended Age Group: All Ages

7 – Apply Sunscreen (Once Daily)

After you’re done applying your moisturizer in the day, apply sunscreen as the last step, as this is the most important anti aging product ever. The sun is the leading cause of pre mature aging. Read more about the importance of applying sunscreen and my recommendations in a previous post here.

Recommended Age Group: All Ages

8 – Masks (Optional)

Incorporating masks into your skin care routine really give you that extra glow and minimize pores. Although it’s not necessary, it’s good to have a mask on hand if you feel your skin is acting up and needs some TLC or you want a perfect canvas for a big night out.

Recommended Age Group: 16+

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