Simple Summer Detox


Summer is in full swing – and along with it comes patio drinks, barbeques, weddings, cottage weekends, pool parties and much more. Fitting such occasions into our already hectic lives often they come with a sacrifice – skipping the gym, eating poorly, indulging in one too many cocktails, and missing out on much-needed sleep. How do we keep our bodies healthy and chugging along like a well-oiled machine amidst the crazy days of summer? Here are five simple ways to detox your body that you can incorporate into your daily routine that will help boost your energy, improve digestion, and support healthy skin, hair and nails – keeping you looking and feeling great through all those summer festivities!

1) Lemon water in the AM

Lemons help to cleanse the body and improve digestion, which can lead to clear, healthy skin and weight loss. You can also sip on lemon water throughout the day, and also layer in other “detoxifying” add-ins like mint, cucumber and ginger – all of which support healthy liver function.

2) Sweat daily

Try to work up a sweat for at least 30-60 minutes everyday; whether it’s a brisk walk, hot yoga, or sitting in a sauna. Toxins are excreted in our sweat and working up a sweat boosts circulation, leading to healthier nails, hair and skin.

3) Stay hydrated

Most of us are chronically dehydrated, and a good way to “up” your water intake is to keep a glass of water beside your bed and drink it first thing in the morning when you wake up. Drinking 1.5-2L of water daily keeps our digestion chugging along and promotes the removal of toxins and waste in our body, which in turns affect energy, appetite and our appearance.

4) Incorporate dry brushing into your shower routine

Before hopping into the shower, use a brush or rough loofah to brush your dry skin in a circular motion, moving towards your heart. This helps to move lymph and improve circulation in the body, supporting our detoxification organs and giving our skin a clear and healthy glow.

5) Avoid dairy, caffeine and booze

Dairy, caffeine and booze can all negatively affect the liver and digestive system, although you might not notice it until you remove these culprits from your diet for a week or more. Once gone, many people see an improvement in energy, sleep, mental clarity and bloating. You don’t have to avoid them forever but do try to remove them for at least a week and see how you feel; you can gradually add some things back in and see how you react.

This post was contributed by nutritionist, Navneet Dhillon of Dhillon Nutrition. Check her out on Facebook and Instagram for some great tips and recipe ideas!

Navneet is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and graduated with honours from the University of Toronto with a degree in Biology and Occupational Therapy. 

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