Dry Shampoo in Review

I have long, thick hair, so washing this mane of mine is an EVENT. As a result, I usually wash my hair about once a week…twice if I’m feeling fancy. My hair starts getting greasy at around day 4/5 and that’s where dry shampoo comes to the rescue! For healthy locks, you shouldn’t be washing your hair daily. In fact, you should probably be washing your hair at most twice a week. Everyones hair gets greasy, so an easy fix is dry shampoo. But which dry shampoo to choose from? I tested out 5 dry shampoos and list them from best to worst.

It’s important to note that that I have dark, thick, silky hair as each dry shampoo experience may vary by hair type.


Price: $8.00 CAD

This is hands down my favourite dry shampoo. It really soaks up the grease and leaves my hair smelling great. I’ve had people tell me my hair smells great after using this – but little do they know that I haven’t washed my hair in 6 days ha! It leaves a bit of a white residue, but give it a few minutes and use your hands to blend it in and the white residue will go away. It works great in my thick hair by reviving it, giving it lots of volume and taking out the grease.


Price: $15.00 CAD

This smells great, leaves a bit of white residue that blends in quickly and dries up the grease. However, at nearly double the price, Dove’s Dry Shampoo is a better value.


Price: $9.00 CAD

It’s not horrible, but it’s definitely not the holy grail of dry shampoos like many people claim. It removes the grease, leaving your hair silky but it can’t handle heavy duty grease jobs (you’d think I’m talking about a dishwashing soap).  I’d only buy this if my top two choices were sold out.


Price: $12.00 CAD

This is the first dry shampoo I ever tried and didn’t understand the hype. The only good thing about this one is that it leaves very little white residue. However, it’s seriously lacking in the grease removing department and is overpriced. You have to spray a lot to get any freshness to your hair. I guess it’s because I use it at around day 5 instead of day 2 – as per the name of the product?


Price: $9.00 CAD

I couldn’t get over how much white residue this sprays out. After I was done spraying it to a section of my hair, I looked like Cruella Deville. Stay away!










BeautyCubed Tip:

Spray some dry shampoo to the roots if you’re looking for some volume. Even though your hair isn’t greasy, it’s a great way to give more life to your locks.

All prices are based on retail prices at Shoppers Drug Mart, rounded to the nearest dollar.

2 Comments on “Dry Shampoo in Review

  1. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been using Marc Anthony because I like that it’s clear, but I need to use half the bottle to get any result. Would never have thought to try Dove but I’ll give it a go this week.

    Long live dirty hair!! haha


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