Fun Ways to Keep Fit on Vacation

Diamond Head

We work so hard to get that vacation body, only to come back to gaining all the weight lost. I travel a lot and can’t afford to have constant set backs. As long as I stay relatively the same, I’m happy. I’m not looking to lose weight during a vacation – afterall, it is a vacation! But I don’t want to come back to the scale tipping significantly to the heavier side.

Below I share fun ways I keep fit on vacation.


The best way to take in a city is exploring it by foot. Instead of taking a cab that will get me there in 5 minutes, I’ll opt to walk for 25 minutes. You never know what little discoveries you’ll make along the way. Last Spring when I was in Paris, my husband and I walked 6 hours a day – affording us the luxury to eat chocolate croissants, pâtisseries, crêpes and of course we can’t forget the French wine! Walking burns calories and fights bloating. So next time you’re on vacation, bring comfortable walking shoes and explore.

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Whether it’d be the Alhambra, the city of Paris or Honolulu, I love taking in breathtaking views. Usually, to see such stunning views, one must be prepared to do some hiking. Hiking is a great total body workout, especially for your legs and glutes.  I like to pack my ipod and a portable speaker along with a beverage of choice and reward my hike by taking in the stunning views to the sounds of my favourite tunes, while sipping on a nice refreshment.

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Recently in Bali, I tried paddleboarding for the second time. I got the hang of it pretty quickly and was at it for over an hour. Paddleboarding requires balance, a slight bend in the knee and constant paddling – making it a great core, leg and arm workout. The best part is that I didn’t even notice I was getting a workout until it was over!

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I have now surfed a total of 4 times. Twice in Jaco, Costa Rica, once in Honolulu, Hawaii and once in Bali at Kuta Beach. This is a great workout and the next day your body is sore in places you didn’t even know that muscles existed! It isn’t an easy sport, but it’s a lot of fun. Beginners usually go out with an instructor and in both Costa Rica and Bali, the water was slightly over waist deep – so not a huge concern for people who aren’t the strongest swimmers! In Hawaii, we went out a bit further – about 7-8ft deep, but remember, a surfboard is a floatation device and you’re attached to it, so as long as you can swim, you should be fine. In elementary school I was always the last one picked in gym class and I got the hang of it – if I can, so can you!

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If the water is calm, I prefer to snorkel without a life jacket. Either way, you’re kicking your feet and using your arms, watching beautiful creatures while burning calories. My favourite snorkeling so far has to be in Hawaii, where we saw a school of hundreds of wild dolphins travelling in a herd a few feet below us. You could hear them communicating, see baby dolphins and even see some of them mating!

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Elephants are magnificent creatures – so friendly and gentle. Not only was my experience at Patara Elephant Farm in Chang Mai, Thailand incredible, it was also one heck of a work out. Unlike most tours in Thailand, here, you adopt an elephant for a day. You feed them, learn to communicate with them, bathe them and ride them bare back trekking through the forest. This elephant farm has adopted abused elephants who’ve been trained to do things at our entertainment’s expense – such as balance on a ball or even the generic elephant rides where they have a seat saddled to them for our sitting pleasure.

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