Leyla Milani Triple Threat Curling Iron Review

leyla milani triple threat curling iron


I’m at best a beginner when it comes to hair and either let my hair air dry or get it blow dried. I simply can’t curl my hair with a straightener. I’ve looked at numerous tutorials online and I’ll have one successful curl, followed by another strand that ends up kinking and looking like a giant L. I’ve had decent success with a curling iron, but again, some strands will kink rather than curl (because I don’t release the clip of the curling iron on time), but I just hope it blends in with the rest of my hair and nobody notices. Whenever I’ve curled my hair with a curling iron, after hairspraying each strand and spending numerous hours, it falls throughout the day and the next day all the fruits of my labour have disappeared! And it’s not that my hair can’t curl, because when hair stylists do my hair, my curls last for days. I’m simply put, hair curling challenged.


I purchased Leyla Milani’s Triple Threat Curling Iron because unlike a traditional curling iron, it’s a rod, meaning it’s clipless and it has three detachable rods, 3/4″, 1″ and 1.25″ giving you styling options. For my first attempt, I used the largest barrel, as my hair is very long and I just wanted some light waves.


My process was as follows.

Note, I used the video tutorial from Leyla Milani herself that’s on her official website as a guide (embedded below).

1) I washed my hair, avoiding conditioner on the crown of my head as it makes my hair flat.

2) I applied a bit of Moroccan Oil to the ends of my hair for extra conditioning.


3) I brushed out the tangles with a large paddle brush.


4) Since I was doing chores around the house, I decided to let my hair air dry for a couple of hours – I have long thick hair so using a blow drier to dry my freshly washed hair can take quite long.

5) I used a medium sized round brush to blow dry my hair relatively straight, giving some volume at the top.


6) I then sectioned my hair and curled about 2″ thick pieces of hair at a time, curling outwards. Sometimes I couldn’t get the right angle to curl outwards so some pieces were curled inwards but you couldn’t tell once it was all curled (I wasn’t kidding when I said I’m a beginner). I applied hairspray at different phases – base, middle and top and then finished it off by spraying my hair again, using Tres Semmé’s Superhold Touchable Feel (can be purchased at any Drug Store or Walmart).

tres semme hair spray

The end result was loose silky smooth curls. My hair felt so silky and healthy afterwards. I then clipped up all my hair into a bun on the top of my head and fell asleep. My curls lasted the next day and even looked great when I took a brush to softly brush out my curls. It turned into soft waves (unfortunately I don’t have a picture of that). My curls lasted several days – first time use, a success!





BeautyCubed Tip:

Everytime  I style or get my hair styled, I always clip my hair in a bun at the top of my head when going to sleep, it helps your style last longer!









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