Cindy Crawford Unedited Photo in Underwear Goes Viral

Cindy Crawford untouched photos

I stumbled upon this information last week Friday and decided to wait until Wednesday to post it as the information released Friday was very fitting. However, today after I posted it, I came across new information which states that the photo is actually from a cover that Cindy Crawford did for Marie Claire Mexico and Latin America in December 2013.

The unedited photo was released without Marie Claire or Cindy Crawford’s permission, but it sent a very positive body image to women across the world nonetheless. This picture, had it made the spread, unfortunately would have been photoshopped to the nines, showing no stretch marks, no sun spots and perfectly tight, toned smooth baby skin – but it’s clear the reality is not that.

The message I believe we should take from this is that, even THE CINDY CRAWFORD looks like a real woman and we should all embrace ourselves as we are. So this Wednesday, make yourself your own Woman Crush Wednesday, everyday.

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Going back to my recent post, How 2014 Challenged Beauty Stereotypes: A recap, I talked about how there were some amazing strides taken to challenge beauty stereotypes last year. I’m happy to see that 2015 is continuing with the momentum with Cindy Crawford, the biggest supermodel of the 90s, deciding to pose in her underwear without the aid of photoshop!

Cindy has been a great supermodel from the get go. In her prime, she always portrayed a healthy, curvy, athletic figure. When she teamed up with Dr Sebagh for the skin care line, Meaningful Beauty, Dr Sebagh insisted that he didn’t want to create unrealistic expectations of what the skin care line can do and asked her to open up and admit to getting botox and fillers. Now deciding to do a full spread in Marie Claire’s April issue and forgoing the use of photoshop – I mean, how can she not be everyone’s Woman Crush Wednesday – Everyday?!

The 48 year old, mother of two is doing this as part of a campaign designed to show how  models and celebrities look without airbrushing. These images will appear in the April issue of Marie Claire US. In a recent interview, she expresses her views on a positive body image.

“I was never one of the skinny skinny girls who could eat whatever they wanted, so I certainly exercise and try to eat right. But at the same time, I try to be a good role model for my daughter in terms of just accepting myself, not saying ‘Does this make me look fat?’ or ‘I can’t eat that’ or ‘I’m on a diet.’ I just trying to lead by example.”

Check out the preview of what to expect in the issue below.

cindy crawford

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