5 Healthy Breakfast Options

If you have weight loss or general health goals this year, the best way to start is with a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; but coming up with healthy on-the-go options can be a challenge.  That’s why I teamed up with expert Nutritionist, Navneet Dhillon from Dhillon Nutrition to give you five healthy breakfast options.

1. Smoothies

You can prepare them before heading out or the night before, not to mention the variety in flavours that will keep your taste buds guessing. Navneet recommends using a creamy milk alternative such as almond milk, coconut milk or Greek yogurt (rather than milk or fro-yo). To add creaminess without adding sugar, try using half a banana or swapping out your banana with a quarter of an avocado. To boost the nutritional value, keep fruits to a minimum and add in greens (celery, cucumber, kale or spinach), “clean” protein powders (with minimal ingredients), seeds (flax, chia or hemp) and nut butters (such as almond butter). For my go to protein shake in the mornings, refer to my post, The One Minute Green Smoothie.

 2. Veggie Omelette

For those with a more savoury palette, try a veggie omelette with a side of hummus/salsa in lieu of ketchup. Don’t throw the yolk away either; Navneet insists that yolk is the actual nutritional powerhouse of the egg – full of vitamins, calcium, iron, zinc and more – and will keep you fuller longer.

3. Egg Muffins

If you really must hit the snooze button and want a make-ahead option, pour the egg/veggie mix into a greased muffin tin and bake them in the oven to create “egg muffins” which you can store in the fridge and reheat in the mornings.

4. Oatmeal

Not all oatmeals are alike. Instant flavoured oatmeals can be full of salt and sugar, and are highly processed which leads your body to digest instant oatmeal faster and raise your blood sugar levels (which can lead to energy slumps and increased hunger). The best option is steel cut oats. They’re the least processed and keep you full and satisfied for longer. You can easily prepare them the night before so they’re ready to eat (with some healthy toppings like berries or nuts) in the AM!  Another option is rolled oats. Check out one of my go to recipes here.

5. Healthy “coffee shop” breakfasts

Navneet recommends skipping the fast food/coffee shop breakfast options (due to the high sodium and sugar content, as well as the extra additives and preservatives. However, if you’re in a pinch, some of the “better” options on-the-go include the Starbucks protein bistro box. It contains a boiled egg, veggies, hummus and pita triangles – everything you need to start your day off right! The protein in the eggs and hummus, plus the fiber in the pita and veggies will keep you fuller longer and help to keep blood sugars balanced.

Remember, everything in moderation.  It’s important to rotate breakfast options,  as eating the same thing over and over can lead to symptoms of food intolerance such as bloating, indigestion and more.

What are some of your healthy on the go breakfast choices? Please comment and share. Would love to hear from you. A special thanks to Navneet for weighing in, I learned a lot in the process and hope you all did too!

Navneet is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and busy mother of two who helps clients navigate the overwhelming maze of health information and inspires them through interactive cooking classes, workshops and personalized consultations. Her passion for healthy eating led her to graduate at the top of her class from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and complete her Culinary Nutrition Expert certification.  She also graduated with honours from the University of Toronto with a degree in Biology and a degree in Occupational Therapy. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date on nutrition and for some great recipes ideas!

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