Winter Fashion Style Guide

Winter is officially here. We may have had a break over the holidays with some unseasonably warm weather, but if the last two weeks are any indication of what’s to come – brace yourself! Our first instinct is to bundle up or hibernate and our clothing choices tend to start resembling a cross between the Abominable Snowman and Michelin Tire Man. Dressing for winter can be tricky, but nothing beats the winter blues like some fashionable winter gear that forces you to get out there, just so you can show them off (you know how it is…). Here’s how I plan to stay stylish yet warm this season.


Investing in the right jacket is key and they aren’t what they used to be 5 years ago. Grâce à Montreal powerhouses such as Mackage and Rudsak, there’s now a slew of stylish options,  and many brands such as Danier Leather are taking note.  They come at a steep price, but when you’re wearing it for nearly 5 months out of the year and will likely have it for at least three years, it’s an investment well worth it.

My choice this winter is the Sia by Rudsak.  It’s down filled from the inside, with a beautiful black leather shell, lined with lush black rabbit fur around the hood, fitted to your body giving you a nice hourglass figure.

Rudsak Sia Jacket

Rudsak Sia Jacket


Have fun with some fur accessories this winter.  I picked up this knit rabbit fur scarf from Rudsak and the faux fur vest from Club Monaco.

Rudsak Fur Scarf

Rudsak Fur Scarf

Club Monaco Faux Fur Vest

Club Monaco Faux Fur Vest


When cold, put a scarf over it. It goes with everything you’re wearing and instantly warms you up. I’m loving Aritzia‘s scarf-shawl in one this season.

Aritzia Scarf-Shawl in One

Aritzia Scarf-Shawl in One


This Michael Kors oversized sweater is perfect for hanging out at a friend’s place or grabbing drinks in the city off the beaten path. Speaking of which, if you happen to be in Toronto, check out City By Heart’s great recommendations of where to cozy up with some drinks this season here.

Michael Kors Oversized Grey Sweater

Michael Kors Oversized Grey Sweater


I don’t like wearing pants, but when I do, I love them tight and ripped up. These skinny black ripped jeans from Topshop are perfect for almost any occasion – you can dress them up or down – they’re versatile, fun and flirty!

Topshop High Waist Jeans

Topshop High Waist Black Jeans


I had been searching for the perfect thigh high leather boots and when I saw these, it was like a ray of sunshine shone upon them and I heard a choir of heavenly angels singing.  I picked these beauts up from Nine West.  I love the perfectly almond shaped toe and how the heel is high enough but not so high.  At 4 inches, these boots are sexy without being trashy, while protecting your legs from the cold.

Nine West Thigh High Leather Boots

Nine West Thigh High Leather Boots


No other brand says I am Canadian like Roots.  I love lounging around in my Roots pocket original sweatpants in salt and pepper with a matching crew neck sweatshirt. Jogging suits are totally back in – the more matching the better.

Roots Salt & Pepper Jogger

Roots Salt & Pepper Jogger


I always bring out my LV Never Full Tote (medium size) for the winter because it’s perfect as an everyday purse but big enough to stash your winter accessories.

Louis Vuitton Never Full Tote

LV Never Full Bag

How do you plan to stay warm yet fashionable this season? Share in the comments below. Xo!

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