Trend Alert 2015: Has Contouring Gone Too Far?

before and after contouring

The BIGGEST trend in make up right now is contouring.  It can completely transform one’s face – make you look thinner, give the appearance of a smaller nose, a smaller forehead, give you higher cheekbones and more defined collar bones, even accent your cleavage – where basically you are no longer YOU!  Some crazy before and afters below.

Contouring has become a disease on Instagram, where you can’t go on a make up artist’s page without seeing concealers and highlighters carefully mapped out all over ones face – like a plastic surgeon preparing someone for a face-lift. Women are running to the nearest make up store to buy contouring kits and contouring their face like their life depends on it.  And let me tell you – it doesn’t always look good ladies! I’ve seen some beautiful women contour just for the sake of contouring and it’s making their features look harsher, rather than softer.  I’m seeing a lot of botched highlighting jobs under the eyes making some women look like drag queens! Not to mention that it can also make you look older, looks very cakey in person and leave your pores screaming for help. You’ll note that in my examples above, I’ve included a man doing contouring to show you how it can completely change your face – as women, we naturally have softer features – so do we really need all that make up?

Not all contouring is bad, but I believe that make up is made to enhance what you have, not recreate your features.  Try more subtle contouring using soft bronzer and shimmer powders that highlight your features, rather than re-sculpting your face with layers of concealers and foundation.

Which brings me to some trends you should keep an eye out for this year. In 2015, just like the shoulder length angled bob and natural nails; in make up – less is more.  This year it will be more about sleek, subtle and fresh.  So drop the drag queen look and opt for a fresher face. The French have been doing it for years and who better than the French to know what’s fashionable, n’est-ce pas?

*Please note, none of the images belong to me.  They are the property of the various make up artists, Smer Khouzami, Priscilla Ono, Dress Your Face & LV Glam Duo.

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