Magic Pimple Eraser for under $5

Okay, maybe it’s not magic, but given how much it costs and how well it works, it may as well be.

I’ve tried numerous over the counter/prescription products for spot treatment, but the following two really work on those stubborn hard pimples when the other products simply weren’t working anymore.  These homeopathic treatments are good for people who are suffering from the random big pimple before a big event, or people who suffer from regular breakouts.

I get pretty descriptive in this post, but hey let’s be honest, there’s nothing sexy about pimples.  So let’s get to it, shall we?

Freshly ground nut meg & milk

To apply, you take fresh nutmeg, grate some in a bowl and add a splash of milk to make a paste (see pictures below).  Then apply it on your affected areas and leave it overnight.  You can apply this on a single pimple, or on areas where you’ve broken out – for example, forehead/chin.  The great thing about this is that it leaves no scars and dries out your pimples.  It’s also very gentle on your skin.

nutmeg    grate nutmeg 2

grated nutmeg    nutmeg mix

I mainly use this for those stubborn/painful/cystic pimples that are under the surface.

Note, you must use fresh nutmeg.  Powdered nutmeg won’t have the same affect.

Smile’s Homeopathic Drawing Salve Prid

Beware, it has a weird smell, but it totally works! To apply, take a qtip to get a healthy amount of the salve onto the qtip.  Then apply the salve onto the pimple.  This is also great for under the surface, cystic pimples as it helps draw it out and bring it to a head.  I personally find that the nutmeg/milk combination works better for the under the surface pimples, while this is better for the pimples that have a head but the head isn’t ready to pop (and you’re not supposed to pick at it).  By applying it on a pimple with a head, after a couple of hours you’ll see the head will pop on its own.

prids drawing salve

You can also leave this on overnight, but I recommend putting a band aid over the area covered in the salve.  If you’re not going to bed and around the house, no band aid required.  I recommend using this for specific pimples and not larger affected areas.

Note, you can purchase this salve at any Walgreens or Walmart in the United States, but I wasn’t able to find it in Canada so I had to order it from Amazon.  

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